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In most cases Lightbroker likes to buy gear outright as opposed to listing it. This provides both buyer and seller with a much cleaner trade. We make the best deal we can and you can quickly cash out. We are then able to freely make what ever deal we can on reselling the gear and you are free from all liability. In general we will buy complete lots, in order to get the best price we can.
We try not to cherry pick! Our objective is to make everyone happy !
We will pay immediately that we receive the gear and approve the condition as described. We have been in business for over 25 years - our word and reputation is all we really have! Feel free to call for references.
Please give us your best resale price to us NOT a web listing price for our site. We will mark it up when we re-sell the units. As a rule of Thumb (who is this Thumb guy anyway?) figure we can pay about 50% of the dealer cost if the gear is in working condition - some hot items a bit more, stuff that may sit a while a bit less! If it's a complete dog (like a Martin PAL!) just make sure your sitting when you read our offer!
We offer a special "Bronzing" service for items you might want to use as garden ornaments!
What is dealer cost? Figure about 15-20% less than you paid for it.

Email Your Gear to List - Click Here
If Possible also email us a picture of the item or items.

or call (800) 815 2941
We pay a $100 Bounty for information on Lighting related Auctions we visit! (Nationwide)
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