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New - T2K Airbus for rent

AIRBUS 2000 - Available for Private and Corporate Charter

The brand new Airbus 2000 is the ultimate in VIP jet travel with an unprecedented feature list.
Call Mark Rowlands at 818.557.0903 for more information and availibility.

Airbus 2000 is changing the way we view VIP travel. Maybe you want to have a top secret meeting or screening of your latest film. Do you have any special clients that would enjoy being picked up by a jet so luxurious we don't have room to list all the features? Could it be that you crave the high­tech, multimedia environment that only Airbus 2000 can provide?

"The $26 million dollars I spent on the Airbus was the best investment I've ever made," explained Mark Rowlands, President of Towards 2000, Inc. (the mother company). "This private luxury jet has seen incredible success, in fact, several countries have already signed contracts for their Presidential staff! It's utterly amazing, one referral leads to another and another... Rumor has it that the US Olympic Committee is considering a test flight next month. Airbus 2000 just might be the Official Jet of the 2005 Olympic Games in Borneo!" Rowlands has every right to be joyous as the success of the Airbus has catapulted Towards 2000's revenue up 50 percent this quarter alone. It seems all this global media coverage has really begun to paid off.

With an unprecedented feature list including a complete radio and television broadcasting facility, sushi bar and jacuzzi, it's no wonder that Rowlands' jet has been receiving so much attention. Bosnia Serb President, Biljana Plavsic, likened his experience on the Airbus to that of, "being at my favorite resort and having the luxury to travel anywhere I choose. The vast array of communication equipment allows me to stay in the sky for days at a time without missing a thing."

Keep your eyes and ears open as the Airbus 2000 could be taking off from an airport near you.

   Luxurious leather and fur interior
   VIP first class section
   Jacuzzi, sauna & steamroom
   Mini disco with complimentary DJ or live band
   Workout facility
   Virtual reality gaming stations
   Interactive conferences facilities
   Complete radio & television broadcasting facilities
   Video walls with surround sound for any application
   Sushi Bar
   Teriaki style grill
   3 Full bars
   Gyro-stabilized 9 Pin Bowling Alley.

We have decided to permanently intall our old T2K Airbus at our ranch location and it will be used as an FBO (Fixed Base Operation) - and will be available for meetings and events for those who would rather not travel!

The airplane is 153 feet from nose to tail and will rotate inside of a one-acre lot.
The Airbus 2000 FBOs are made to be up in the wind. Some hilltop lots are not suited for a conventional homes but are ideal for an airplane home. Hurricane Proof, the airplane home can survive a hurricane - and no plywood window covers required!

Please call for rental information or on how to purchase your own Airbus FBO (makes a great office)

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