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Welcome to Lightbroker.com! This service is owned and run by Towards 2000 Inc. We are based in Burbank Ca. right by the world famous airport and a little west of Beautiful Downtown Burbank, made so famous by Johnny Carson! We have been around as a company for over 22 years! and have been the pioneers in the FX lighting business. We originated by importing British made DJ and lighting equipment back in 1978. For the complete story click here!

About 5 years ago we pioneered a web site, before the word was really a word. This was days before Pagemill when HTML was HTML! We brought all our business to the web and way back then had a page called Lightbroker! About 3 years ago we split the Lightbroker page off to Lightbroker.Com! Since then we have discovered that the big showrooms and elaborate demos pale in comparison to the exposure on the web. Bricks and mortar dissolve to the digital domain. At the same time the market for new equipment has expanded to such an extreme that for a dealer it's tough to make a profit selling new gear. Instead we have found a niche in the recycled lighting business. Here we are able to get the best of all worlds. A happy seller, he just wants to cash out of gear that has made him money. A happy buyer who gets gear well below dealer cost but with a guarantee (sometimes well over 30 days - the balance of some manufacturers 2 year warranty) and we are happy because for our service we usually are able to make more than the slim margins on new gear!

Our mission is - " to make the three partners of the deal happy" - we will try to offer good gear at great prices, we attempt to purchase gear in bulk (complete lots) from vendors trying to cash out or liquidate, we hope their benefit is to clean house for a cash price. We hope to profit greater and grow our business, which will ultimately benefit, customers, vendors and ourselves.

In our first 12 weeks with our new Web site look we have had over 20,000 customers in our shop! We look forward to you browsing frequently. Please let us know what you would like to buy or sell - we will see you here!

Mark Rowlands & Richard Corral
President T2k - LIghtbroker.com