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Cyberlight Amorphic Gobo wheels - a great effect for Cybers - also available for Intellabeam and Trackspot - were $55 ea - sell $25 each - buy 10 get two free! Lightwave dicros - various sizes and colors. These are brand new and would be great for specialty applications, lab, school theatrical dept! Selection of dicros, color, CT etc fo Cyberligh, par36 and par 16t. A great deal - probably over $1000 of parts - $175 Intellagobo wheel for Intellabeam - allows 3 slots for replaceable gobos. The standard Intellabeam wheel has no slots. The rest of the gobos on this wheel are standard and so match up with other units. Were $55 - now $30 each
Trackspot Intellagobo wheel - three empty slots - $30 Custom wheels available for all moving light fixtures. Call Grace for details.
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Custom Gobos!!!
Intellabeam 700HX gobo wheel - standard with dicros - $30 ea Gobo holder for glass gobos - $10 Appolo dicro Gobos