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Just In!
5 ch Cable Ramps - New
Guard dog and Yellow Jacket compatible Cable Crossovers
Compatible with Yellow Jacket, Guard Dog and Bumble Bee - $135.00 each
Black lid on black base or orange lid.

Just in Too!
220 pcs ETC Source 4 Leko  - no clamp, lamp or plug - $310.00


53ft Truck of gear arrives at Lightbroker
Lightbroker debuts a new FREE auction site for lighting gear!

To kick off the new Lightbroker Auction Pages (LBAY) - we are offering Free auction listings to everyone! So if Lightbroker doesn't want to buy your gear outright for cash - then just list it for free! We have also listed some items from Lightbroker to kick the thing off. Good Luck!
Click here for LBAY!

Cyber Cannibal - 35% off parts costs

We have decided to dissect a certain number of Cybers - for their body parts! With the constant price increases from High End - it is impractical to pay the price to fix old cybers. Still one of the best all around lighting tools - our used parts will get them working again
16" x 16" x 10' Tower Truss
This is the wider duty truss used for bigger rig towers. Brand new - very handy being bigger than 12 but smaller than 20! We have 24 pieces of 10'- $350 each - and 8 pieces of the 5' - $195 each - buy the lot for $9450!

OAC - as for details!

Emulator E150X Xenon lamp.
$379 each $339 each (6+)
Exclusively from Lightbroker!
Brand New Cyberlight SV - full warranty etc. Best cost new on these is over $7000
5 only $4795 each!
Used Cyber Lithos $2595
Used Turbo Cybers $3395



Old style Dataflash - 30 pieces just in! W/yoke/reflector $265 ea
ALSO - we have NEW Old Stlye Dataflash Mini Controllers $575

Hog 1000s in stock - new and
used units

High End Ecodomes with roadcases
$1595 each

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Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

Wholehog 2 - 3 years old with roadcase
$19,995 - these are no longer made! Grab this unit now - while you can!

Mac 600s -Refurbished units in very good condition . These come with a 6 month warranty and are in good Condition! Plus cases. Used MAC 600's $2,695.00ea

Studio Spot 250s -
Approx 3 yrs old - these are lease returns from Disney Hotel property - good shape - 3 mo warranty - 4 units left! $2495 each

MQ 60KVW Diesel Generator with Crystal Sync, trailer, Additional fuel tank, Cover, cam tails, very low hours (1400) hardly used - $16,995

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Palettes of 2.5 gallon fog fluid . This is the good stuff! Not AMDJ or Antari etc- stock up now!
DF50 case - custom ABS roadcase for DF50s - we have a bunch of these built and have some left over - $249 each - brand new.

Inflatable video screen - huge 15x20 screen area, over 26 ft high by 24 ft wide overall. Goes up in minutes. For more info click the pic. Great for music/ambient video projection, movies in the park etc - $6995  Custom units available -

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All sales must be pre-paid by cashiers check - an account processing fee may be added for Visa/MC. Freight and insurance will be added to any items shipped. Limited to stock on hand. All items sold as is - some items carry remaining manufacturers warranty. Note all prices are for purchase via the web. In store price may be greater. Prices may vary daily as gear is sold and replaced.

Custom Gobos in 48hrs - Call Grace or click here!
Free second copy of any custom gobo with Lightbroker Order!

Lightbroker Exclusive
The Emulator Lamp - discontinued from High End, but available here! $379 each


Now available in rentals

New Mac 250s  -never used! Full warranty - $1995  
Lamp Specials - MSR 575/2 - $139 ea (2pc Min) click for more!

Schwarzanegger has one - its Austrian too! Nato uses them and we have 2 for sale. Its a rich mans Thing or a poor mans Hummer. They are ex-Swiss military and in great shape. Yours for the price of a whole hog! $20,000 ! Actually now get the 4 wheel version for $13,500!  Check out the web site - click the pic! This one is mine!

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E-mail Mark@T2K.COM all email addresses will be registered to receive monthly clearance specials - so mail us now!

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